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Why Mobile Testing is Best for Your Company

Mobile Drug Testing

Traditionally, drug testing is performed onsite at the lab. However, there are many benefits to having the lab come to you. In order to ensure a truly drug-free workforce, you need to have high employee participation with fast, trustworthy results. Here’s why you should consider mobile testing:

The Benefits of Mobile Testingmobile testing

  1. Convenience — With mobile testing, employees don’t have to travel off site for testing. When the lab comes to you, employees face less waiting time and don’t have to make appointments. They are also able to be more productive at work because they don’t have to leave.

  2. Lowered Liability– Because employees don’t travel away from the office for drug testing, there is no risk of impaired employees driving to the testing facility and getting in an accident. This is especially essential if workplace accidents have already occurred.

  3. Speed — When the lab comes to the workplace to perform drug tests, you get negative results within minutes, making your job much easier. Non-negative results are sent to the lab for confirmation testing, with the final analysis given in just days

  4. Higher participation — On-site, mobile testing means that employees have no excuse not to participate. You don’t have to rely on them to go to the lab or make appointments, because all they have to do to get tested is to come to work.

  5. Less cheating — When employees make appointments for drug testing, they have more time to plan ways to cheat the test. However, with mobile testing, especially random or reasonable suspicion testing, employees won’t be prepared to cheat. This will save you time and resources, such as requiring employees to submit another sample.

Use Mobile Testing to Promote a Drug-Free Workplace

A drug-free workforce is essential to the success of any business or workplace. Mobile testing by ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City is convenient, accurate, and fast, so that you can be sure that your employees are drug-free. With our random and reasonable suspicion testing services, we can help you be sure that no employees are cheating the drug testing system. To get started, contact us today at (816) 875-0464.


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