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When it Comes to Drugged Driving, Prescriptions Just as Bad as Illegal Drugs

Drugged Driving

Have you ever ignored a warning label on your prescription or over-the-counter medication by driving despite recommendations?

While you may think this is a harmless act, research out of Australia suggests otherwise.

Read on to see why prescriptions are such a problem when it comes to drugged driving, even when compared to illicit drugs.

 Drugged Driving Dangerous No Matter if Medications are Prescribed

Effects of Prescriptions on Drivers

Researchers found that drivers who used Benzodiazepines, a prescription commonly used to treat sleep and anxiety disorders, were more likely to be at fault in car accidents.

This could be due to the negative effects that medications have on drivers, including:

  • Drowsiness
  • Slower reaction time
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Shakiness
  • Impaired coordination

These effects are even worse when medications are combined with alcohol.

Inaccurate Self-Assessment

The Australian researchers found that drivers were not able to fully assess how impaired they actually were when taking the medications.

This has led some individuals to incorrectly assume they are fit to drive when their judgment and other crucial functions are really impaired.

More Education Needed

Prevent the Dangers of Drugged Driving

ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City North can help your organization prevent drugged driving. We are fully-trained in DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements, meaning we can help your company stay compliant and keep your workforce (and the community!) safe. With our assistance, you can ensure that every worker is fit to take the wheel.

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