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What is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) vs. a Third Party Provider (TPP) for Drug & Alcohol Testing?

Any company that embarks on a drug testing program for employees will quickly hear the term TPA. The natural question to ask is, “What does TPA stand for?” This acronym is simply a quick way to identify a third party administrator.

The third party provider, however, is usually the drug testing company that offers its services to companies that want to ensure that they have a safe, drug-free and efficient workplace. The TPP plays a vital role in ensuring the health and safety of your employees, clients, and community.

Here’s what your organization should know as you look for the best TPP.

What Your Business Should Know About Hiring a Third Party Provider vs. a Third Party Administrator

What Does a Third Party Administrator Do?

The first party is the employer who wants to have their workers tested for drug use. The second party is typically the employee though it could also be another company, a DOT auditor, a laboratory or a collection site. The TPA is the facilitator for the process.

The TPA differs from the Third Party Provider, or TPP, in that a TPA typically does the testing but does not do collections or interface much with the customer. A TPP will do collections and handle the customer, plus provide comprehensive support for all drug testing programs.

Essentially, they are the experts who have the technical, drug testing knowledge to work with second party participants to get the most accurate results as quickly as possible. Moreover, the third party provider helps the company to develop an education and testing program that covers all the bases with tried-and-true elements.

Qualities of a Good TPP

A great third party provider helps your company develop its drug testing policies and stays on top of new state and federal laws that will affect your existing policies. They also offer efficient reporting of drug testing results so that your company can keep moving forward with as much knowledge as is required.

A third party provider is also a resource for training employees about the use of drugs in the workplace and explaining company policies. In many cases, the TPP is similarly responsible for making random drug testing selections and submitting quality control specimens.

Lastly, a TPP with physical locations will be best equipped to meet all your drug and alcohol testing needs. They can offer emergency and accident testing as well as on-site collection at their physical lab. This flexibility is crucial for your organization’s evolving needs.

Kansas City’s Trusted Drug & Alcohol Testing TPP

ARCpoint Labs of Greater Kansas City is more than just another TPA. We can serve as a dependable Third Party Provider for your organization. We are equipped to work with DOT organizations to ensure federal compliance and non-DOT businesses of all sizes to ensure the safety and security of your workplace. From random drug testing to pre-employment screening, we do it all. Our five convenient metro area locations – Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, Kansas City (downtown or in the Northland), and our newest location in Independence – make us the ideal choice for on-site, post-accident, or emergency services.

To learn more about contracting ARCpoint Labs as your TPA, call (913) 815-0988 today!

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