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The Importance of Drug Testing in the Medical Field

Truck drivers. Pilots. Railroad conductors. There are a number of professions that require drug and alcohol testing.

You may be surprised to learn that screening is not required by law for medical professionals.

We’ve compiled a few reasons why drug testing is essential in the medical field .

The Importance of Drug Testing in the Medical Field

Perform Drug Testing on All Employees

Don’t single out employees. Make sure everyone passes a drug screen prior to starting their first day of work. This reduces the number of drug abusers coming to work under the influence.

Make Testing Work for Your Business or Organization

Drug testing programs differ in many ways. Find one that works best for you. If you suspect an employee is abusing drugs, have them submit a urine or hair sample within a specific timeframe. This prevents the drug from leaving their system at the time the drug screen is administered.

Update Your Company’s Drug Testing Policy

Make sure your drug testing policy complies with state and federal laws. The last thing you want to do is alienate your workforce or wind up in a lawsuit with someone who feels that drug testing is unjust. Update all employee manuals and handbooks to include information about the policy.

Conduct Random Drug Tests

A smart person may try to pass a drug test to gain employment from you when they know they’re going to have to submit a urine or hair sample. Random drug tests do not give them that opportunity. Make it part of your policy that your company administers screens whenever they feel it’s necessary for the safety of your patients and other employees.

Protect your company and your brand from drug abusers. Have everyone submit to drug testing and weed out people that don’t belong working for you right away. Don’t put your company at risk because of someone else’s habit.

Drug Testing for Medical Professionals with ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City North

When you need assistance with drug testing medical professionals, including pre-employment, random, and reasonable suspicion,  contact ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City North today at (816) 399-4597.

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