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How Well Do You Know Your Employees?

Background Checks

Despite the evidence that says otherwise, many employers see statistics about drug use in the workplace and think “I don’t need to worry about that. My employees aren’t into drug abuse.”

Others may think they have nothing to worry about because they ran background checks on candidates during the hiring process and vetted their pool so only trustworthy individuals remained.

It’s this kind of thinking that leaves workplaces vulnerable to the negative impact of drug use, including theft, property damage, high healthcare costs, on-site accidents, and, in some cases, death.

While background screenings should be a part of your hiring process, they are not a 100% reliable way to look into your candidates’ lifestyles. To really be effective, they must be coupled with pre-employment drug testing that can definitively show if applicants have abused drugs.

Here are three reasons why you should always back your background check up with a drug test from ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City North.

Why Background Checks Should Involve Drug Testing

Not All Drug Users Have a Criminal Record

While many people may have non-felony drug charges on their record, such as possession of a small amount of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia, there are many people who are able to conceal their drug use and won’t have any sort of arrests to discover in a background check. Certain types of drug use, like prescription drug abuse, are less easy for law enforcement to trace since they do not involve the trafficking or sale of illicit substances.

Without drug testing, some casual drug users may slip through the cracks of your screening process.

You Can Clear Past Drug Users

Let’s say that a candidate’s background check reveals they had a minor drug charge on their record from their teenage years. Their former employers have provided great recommendations, their employment record checks out, they have no other criminal behavior on record, and they seem like a stable, valuable worker.

Conducting a simple drug test can verify if this individual’s drug use is in the past and allow you to look past transgressions to confirm if they have fully reformed. In this way you can prevent your business from missing out on an asset to the team, which you might do if you just make a choice based on the background check.

Drug Testing Can Confirm a Background Check’s Gray Areas

Some aspects of a background check are not based on hard data, making it harder to make definitive decisions based on them. A drug test can provide clarity you need to interpret the background check.

For example, when looking into an individual’s employment record you might find that they moved jobs frequently. On one hand, this could simply show they are not complacent in their career path and looking for upward mobility, which your company could very well deliver. On the other hand, this could indicate unreliability or flightiness due to drug use, as some users move jobs regularly to avoid being caught.

Comprehensive Screening Services

ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City North can provide both drug testing and background screening services. We compare results from both so you have the most thorough picture of your candidates, allowing you to make an informed decision.

When you need assistance with your hiring process, contact ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City North today at (816) 399-4597.

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