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Have You Created a Workplace Marijuana Policy? 

Twenty-three states and Washington, D.C. have made it legal for people to use marijuana. Federal law still bans the drug, and this leads many businesses to continue to adopt restrictive policies against it.

The trouble is that some workers are using marijuana on a legal, medicinal basis. Then, when they get in trouble for their use at work, they are seeking legal grounds to sue their employer for not having a clear marijuana use policy.

Here’s why it’s so key for your workplace to have a policy that explicitly states your stance on marijuana use.

Why Your Company Needs a Marijuana Policy

Simply put, managers, supervisors and human resources personnel won’t know how to react when they are confronted with medical marijuana use in the workplace. Is the organization for or against use? Is marijuana use permitted on the job? Can employees be fired on the spot for legally using the drug?

Having a policy in place lets your managers know how to handle situations before they arise.

Keep Workers in the Loop

Employers have a duty to reasonably accommodate their workers’ disabilities. This accommodation may or may not extend to the use of marijuana.

When the policy is clearly spelled out, workers know where they stand. Perhaps use of marijuana is fine outside of work hours, but strictly prohibited when workers are on the clock. If use is required during what would normally be work hours, then the employee must go home. This minimizes confusion and the opportunities for dissatisfied employees to file lawsuits.

Use Drug Testing

In many cases, it is sensible for workplaces to ban the use of marijuana on the job to ensure everyone’s safety. If you suspect that employees are violating this policy, then using drug testing is the natural response.

Build drug testing provisions into your company’s marijuana policy, and see that they apply equally to all workers to protect your organization’s legal interests.

Creating a Sound Workplace Marijuana Policy

ARCpoint Labs of Independence can serve as your partner in developing and deploying an effective and legal marijuana policy. We provide consulting on workplace drug testing as well as on-site and mobile implementation of drug testing. We are able to test for marijuana and other common drugs of abuse, keeping your workplace safe and healthy.

To learn more about our workplace drug testing services, contact ARCpoint Labs of Independence today at (816) 379-3197!

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