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Fentanyl Drug Use Increasing: What Employers Should Know

Abuse of opiates like heroin is always in the news. In fact, many deaths caused by the misuse of opiates happen every year.

Fentanyl is becoming more of a media focus now. That’s because it is approximately 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin, and usage of the dangerous drug is increasing nationwide.

Here’s what employers should know about heroin

Fentanyl Use & Your Employees

What Is Fentanyl?

This opiate is prescribed by doctors for patients who have recently had surgery. The effects of the drug do not last long, but they are powerful, making them a good choice for immediate pain relief after an invasive procedure. Time-release formulations of fentanyl are also available.

Symptoms of Fentanyl Abuse

A person who is misusing this drug may experience numerous symptoms. These include euphoria and mellowness along with drowsiness and lethargy. Users quickly become tolerant to high doses, making it necessary for them to use greater and greater amounts in an alarmingly short period of time.

Personality Changes

A person with a fentanyl addiction will experience more than physical changes. Their moods deteriorate, and they become prone to criminal behavior that is designed to feed their addiction. They may resort to theft, burglary, prescription fraud and other crimes to obtain their drug of choice.

Problems That Go Beyond Jail Time

Any of these behaviors are likely to land the addict behind bars. However, this is likely the least of their problems. Fentanyl’s extreme potency make it very easy to overdose on the drug, and this means that an increasing number of people are dying as a result of fentanyl abuse.

Pill Mills and Cartels

Pill mills, clinics where doctors wrote unlimited prescriptions with veritable impunity, have largely been put out of business thanks to state and federal authorities cracking down on the operations. The cartels stepped in, offering heroin as a substitute. This means that opiate addiction has been allowed to continue unchecked.

Stop Fentanyl Abuse in Your Workplace

As an employer, you must be knowledgeable about the latest drug trends. You should also ensure your workplace drug testing policy stays up-to-date. ARCpoint Labs of Independence can be your partner for accurate, reliable drug testing, including fentanyl testing. To get started, contact us today at (816) 379-3197!

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