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Alcohol Abuse & its Effects on the Workplace

Alcohol abuse and alcohol use in the workplace is prevalent. It’s a subject that no employer should ignore because substance abuse affects an employee’s ability to safely and efficiently perform the job assigned to them.

Here’s why employers must take alcohol abuse seriously.

Is Your Workplace More Dangerous Due to Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse and alcohol use cause a person to exercise poor judgment, lose coordination, have slower reaction times, and not be able to problem solve effectively. In short, it significantly impacts their value as an employee.

Workplace Accidents & Injuries

When alcohol abuse and alcohol use is not addressed, it has a catastrophic effect on work environments. For example, the likelihood of workplace injuries is higher when a person abuses substances before or during work. They also have a great chance of getting into automobile accidents while traveling to and from their places of employment.

Interpersonal Issues

Alcohol abuse and alcohol use causes people to become combative which increases instances of workplace violence. It also causes problems at home which contribute to absenteeism. Although the person abusing substances think that their behavior doesn’t affect anyone but them, they’re completely wrong. Alcohol abuse has the potential of negatively affecting their spouses, children, bosses, co-workers, and even the people that own the companies they work for.

Health Issues

Short-term effects of drinking too much alcohol include nausea, vomiting, headache, and shakiness. Long-term alcohol abuse often leads to greater health problems. Individuals that ignore the warnings that come with alcohol use often find that they have liver and kidney problems among other issues.

What Contributes to Alcohol Abuse?

Some factors contribute to alcohol use and alcohol abuse in the workplace including positions where a person is alone for long periods of time, poor supervision, overly hot conditions, and organizational changes in the way of different roles, job duties, and workplace titles. Stress contributes to whether or not a person uses or abuses alcohol before going to or while working at their place of employment.

Kansas City Drug Testing Experts

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