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Child Support Paternity Testing in Kansas City North

DNA Paternity Testing Can Help You Win Your Child Support Case

DNA testing has made the process of proving a claim for child support — or disproving a claim against you for child support — a much easier and more certain process than it used to be. A positive DNA paternity test can support your claim for child support. And if you dispute you are obligated to pay child support, a negative DNA test can disprove a claim against you.

Save Yourself Time, Money and Worry by Making Sure Your Paternity Test Results Can Be Used in Court

Test results can only be used by courts and child support agencies to decide cases if they are done according to a particular process. If you or your partner undergo testing and get a favorable test result, but the court or agency doesn’t allow your result in the case because it doesn’t meet their required standards of reliability, you have wasted precious time and money, and might even evenutally lose your case.

Common issues in child support cases that rely on DNA evidence to make a determination include:

  • Cases in which a mother seeks child support from the alleged father;
  • Cases in which a state agency seeks child support from the alleged father of a child on public assistance; and
  • Cases in which a man denies fathering a child and desires to exempt himself from a child support obligation (whether or not he is married to the child’s mother).

DNA Testing Establishes Biological Relationships

DNA testing can establish or rule out paternity between a child and a man who is claimed to be the child’s father. In most cases, DNA test results resolve the question immediately and without question. But only if the court is sure that the test was done and reported properly every step of the way..

ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City North’s employees and technicians are trained to make sure these requirements are met and you don’t waste time and money on a test result that can’t help you in court.

Call ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City North Before You Submit to an Informal Paternity DNA Test that Can’t Be Used to Help You

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